Why is online dating so weird episodes

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His sound and style were starkly unique and defined his music from this moment on and for the better part of his career. It wasn’t just about the music and sales of the album, it was also the impact it had on music commerce in general.Thriller hit shelves in 1982 during one of the worst post-war recessions in the US.

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Previously, entertainment had been an afterthought in their budget, but as the LP’s buzz and critical acclaim roared unchallenged, it suddenly became an essential item in the home rather than a luxury.Once back in the stores, people weren’t just picking up Jackson’s album, they were picking up others as well.The commercial stimulus was enough to keep the industry afloat until the recession passed. 1982 also saw the first year of CD pressings for music in the States.Potential customers however were a little sceptical.How did this new technology fare against their beloved vinyl and tape cassettes? No exclusives or comps on this side, we’ll leave that to YN’s comprehensive mixes which you really need to get familiar with if you haven’t already.

I was thinkin’ back to the coverage that began after MJ’s death and remembered a piece I penned for City On My Back after reading one too many ‘MJ was overrated’ stories by some online hack.Check out the link or hit the jump for the full article. It seems like the backlash is finally kicking into effect.Too much TV coverage, too much print coverage, even too many online discussions apparently.At first I had a list of blogs and media outlets giving opinion pieces on why Jackson was overrated and really not the special talent that they feel some are making him out to be.Then I thought… why on Earth would I want to drive traffic to their sites due to their half-baked ideas, attention-baiting claims and un-researched “facts?” If you really want to seek them out, go ahead and Google the words “why is Michael Jackson important” and try not to throw anything at the screen. To this day it’s still considered the benchmark for the quintessential classic album.