Teen dating website

16-Jul-2015 21:43 by 7 Comments

Teen dating website - wielkie zamki europy online dating

Meet teens near you with Spotafriend, a swiping app alternative for teenagers ages 13-19.Get pictures of other teens around you, and swipe right to accept.

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Spotafriend is not a teen dating app, so there’s no pressure when you meet someone new. The new version still has all the features that you liked but now connectivity will be greatly enhanced, giving you the best friends making experience!

It’s all about connecting with interesting people beyond your school or community securely. Here's what we introduce in 3.0:- Videos can be added to your profile.- Achievements will reward you by making your profile better.- Ever wished you could review your swipes? - Become an Ultimate Member and unlock, EVERYTHING!

Changes in 3.0.2:- Several crash and bug fixes- Stability improvements Please take a moment to provide a review. Spotafriend is good for only 1 reason, and that's to make friends near your or around the world.

The ads are ridiculous, and they are sometimes dirty, which is quite weird for this type of app, that is supposedly for all teens, including 13 year olds.

Half the time when I try to upload a photo, that isn't even inappropriate, it won't upload, which is lame.

When I unfriend someone, somehow they can still message back, but then I can't, and their message goes away.

When I unfriend someone, I don't want them to be able to reply afterwards..is the point of them being able to reply back? It's happened a few times where I messaged someone and it doesn't go through for whatever reason, but they saw it for a few seconds and then it disappeared.

The app is sort of cool, but really there are so many problems.

I recommend maybe adjusting the app to have autocorrect in the chat, I mean, c'mon.

At this point, I barely ever use the app and I'm totally ready to delete it.

The app in and of itself isn't terrible as long as you're straight.

There is a filter option for men and women but the problematic part of it is that you can't filter by sexuality.