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Loads a SWF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG file into a movie clip in Flash Player while the original SWF file is playing.

method lets you display several SWF files at once and switch between SWF files without loading another HTML document.

A SWF file or image loaded into a movie clip inherits the position, rotation, and scale properties of the movie clip.

You can use the target path of the movie clip to target the loaded SWF file.

When you call the Action Script 1.0; Flash Player 5 - The ability to load JPEG files is available as of Flash Player 6.

The ability to load unanimated GIF files, PNG files, or progressive JPEG files is available as of Flash Player 8.

Download for Free Download Video Converter * Tests carried out by Movavi.

Computer specifications: OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1; Intel® Core™ i5-3550 3.30 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM – DDR3, 1333 MHz; Intel® HD Graphics 2500 video adapter; INTEL SSDSC2MH250A2 250 GB solid-state drive. Please be aware that Movavi Video Converter does not allow you to convert copy-protected media files and DVDs.

I found this script online to batch publish fla files, is it possible to change it to export png file sequences to the same directory?

Unfortunately Flash only allows a single image to be published, but has the ability to "export movie" as a png sequence var temp Doc=undefined; if(fl.documents.length==0){ //xml Panel need a document, if there is none, create a temp document temp Doc=fl.create Document(); } xui = Document DOM()Panel(fl.config URI + "Commands/Auto Publish UI.xml"); if(temp Doc){ //close temp document fl.close Document(temp Doc); } if(xui.dismiss=="accept"){ var search Sub Dir=xui.search Sub Dir; var only Unpublished=Unpublished; var folders=xui.paths.split("\r").join("").split("\n").join(""); var write File=xui.write To File; fl.trace(write File); folders=folders.split(","); //fl.trace(folders); for(var i=0;i0){ // return m+":"+s+"."+num; //}else{ // return s+"."+num+"s"; //} } function exportswf(flapath,swfpath){ //return 0; var stime=new Date()Time(); var fla=Document(flapath,true); if(swfpath==undefined){ swfpath=flapath.substr(0,Index Of("."))+".swf"; } fla.export SWF(swfpath,true); fla.close(false); var etime=new Date()Time(); return etime-stime; } function check Folder(folder,list,check Sub,check Swf,pre){ if(pre==undefined){ pre=""; } //fl.trace(pre+folder+":"+check Sub+" "+check Swf); var flas=Folder(folder+"*.fla","files"); for(var i=0;i I made a script to batch export PNGs from a Flash file, one per frame in the main timeline: flash-export.

Parameters String - The absolute or relative URL of a single SWF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG file to be loaded.

A relative path must be relative to the SWF file at level 0.

Absolute URLs must include the protocol reference, such as method sends the variables in a separate HTTP header and is used for long strings of variables.

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