Spot dating site scammer

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Spot dating site scammer - asian professional dating websites

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She told me she lived in cape coast Ghana and she told me her name were Pallas NKRUMAH with the address BOX 239 CHAPEL SQUARE AVENUE, AGONA SWEDRU , GHANA W/A Well after some weeks she asked me to help her with 200 American dollars for help so she could buy a cell phone.

She said would be nice as she now have to use her moms.

I stared to doubt her as her stile was typical scammer stile.

But I did send her anyway as I thought it were not that big money and beside that I could get her on the hook so to speak for to get more info about her.

I know at that stage she would ask for more later and I wanted to see what kind of tactic she uses.

I also send one were she show her exboy friend David from USA. Grant (Canada) Report N7 (added on August, 29, 2008) African scammer using fake pic of herself from the porno site she using a ftv girl talked on messenger wrote letter to the guy got her emails all mixed up not to bright.

Grant (Canada) Report N8 (added on August, 29, 2008) My Yahoo ID is hidden in the profile on DIA, and yet it seems that only the Ghanese scammers find it. ) came out of the blue, called me baby after maybe 10 minutes. Leo (Belgium) Report N9 (added on December, 10, 2008) A girl named Lizzy Peters said she was from new Berlin, NY and she wanted to be my wife but was in Africa on a business trip and she was out of money and the motel confiscated her papers and passport and she needed 395.00 to get back to the states and get her papers back.She sent me nice pictures of a totally blonde Caucasian girl (one with 'her' so called sister). I said I only had 150.00 and she said she would take that.You know the story, this time mother from Turkey, father from USA... At the moment I say that I will never send money... My Mom would not let me get the money out of the bank cause she thought it was a scam.She used The " I love you " words more often now and the pics she now stared to send were more porno picks.But she is smart this one as she mixed some personal pictures were she looks really innocent with picture were she shows her private parts.I tried find her on the scammer list and finely I did it. There her name is Eskatrina Smith, PO Box 955, Akyem-Oda, GHANA Thanks to Joseph from Malta who wrote about this chick I had the info I wanted. Thanks you guys from England and New zeeland for share your information, I have now deleted her from my yahoo chat, msn chat and my cell phone.