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Aunty Jis Ki Moti Gand Ye ghatana 6 mahine pehle ki hai eek padosan aunty hai jo mere ghar ke paas rehti hai uska naam pushpa hai kaya batahu kaya cheez hai gora gora badan,mote mume aur sab se pyari hai uski gaand goal matoal bari bari,mae hamesha se uski gaand ka fan raha hu mere ghar uska aana jana hai ,jab bhi aati hai to mae bas nazar chootaro par hi rakta hu saale mote mote chootarhilte hue jaan le jate hai. She laid there on the desk legs spread wide her hand rubbing her clit. His soft touch now running down your ribcage has you nearly paralyzed and your body yearns for more.

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It was if we were each looking into a mirror, except his hair was blonde and mine was red. Then you can call Charles and tell him he won’t be needed. Most of what they say about me is true, I’ve sucked my fair share of cocks, been fucked by more than my fair share of men and even let a few of them splatter their hot cum all over my skin. Like its the end of the fukking world."she said looking at me with a powerful intensity in her eyes. Dark green and intense, he's looking deep into yours and you feel your little bit of control slipping away.Then you will come to me on this chair where I will spank that little ass of your red. However it had all been on a one on one basis until one hot summer night. How it stretched the fabric of his otherwise loose-fitting gym wear. I lifted her blouse over her head, and unloosened her bra. Without thinking twice about it, She began peeling off my clothes and I eased onto the bed. I lightly pinched her clitoris and she yelped," Ewwww! Juicy Sex Stories is a FREE source of high quality, 100% original erotic stories to juice up your love life.Then I will have my way with you, and that fucking sexy ass of yours." She dropped the covers knowing she was caught. She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race. I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. I dont know what it was that night that drove me to what I did. Whatever the catalyst, when Barrett got up and walked out of the assembly hall, I told my husband that I needed a cigarette and gave chase. Our erotica is written by members of our passionate Juicy Community.Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Maybe it was the crushing boredom of being a suburban housewife. Maybe though, just maybe, it was the fact that I'd seen Coach Barrett's big cock through his sweatpants every day this year when I dropped Nicholas Jr. You can feel my dick throbbing in my pants, its driving your mind wild and you can’t stop kissing me. You can feel the head of my dick throbbing in my jeans; you begin to rock your ass against my rock cock, with every movement of your ass against me the dick grows larger, and harder. Our community are a mix of experienced and new writers of erotic fiction.Gail grabbed my ass pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as my cum shot out load after built up load she sucked and played guzzling down my man juice completely until I had finished. Maybe it was the two hours I had already spent listening to principal Mc Kinley ramble on about attendance and the importance of the PTA. ‘The people—what about the people inside the lounge? We are very proud of the fact that new writers use Juicy as the first place to put their work out into the public domain.Maybe it was the neverending despair of a ten-year marriage that had produced one child and exactly zero orgasms. Our experienced writers are always on hand to offer encouragement and help. How it stretched the fabric of his otherwise loose-fitting gym wear..." We add new erotica to our site most days.

I was ready and didn’t need to be asked twice but I have learnt to always make sure a girl is ready before you just shove one inside her. She fell onto her knees on the side of the bed and ...We also promote our members sex story books for them. Every story submitted by our members is checked by our moderators to ensure it is of high quality and complies with our submission guidelines.Here is an extract from one of her stories: "Maybe though, just maybe, it was the fact that I'd seen Coach Barrett's big cock through his sweatpants every day this year when I dropped Nicholas Jr. We also categorise our stories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.Some of our most popualr sex stories are in the following sections love sex stories, oral sex stories and group sex stories.100% free erotic stories, mobile friendly, no charges, ever!