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Wife: Jill Talley (two sons)Son: Mc Kinley Kenny ("Mac", b. 1998) High School: Bishop Grimes High School, East Syracuse, NY (1980) Rick and Morty various (2013-) The Legend of Korra Voices (2012-) Word Girl Dr.

Vine Street (television) Liver Transplant 23-Aug-1995 Endorsement of Dallas J. Ewing (2012-13) Nip/Tuck Burt Landau (2006) Orleans Luther Charbonnet (judge, 1997) Knots Landing J. The Blob (21-Jun-1972) · Young Hobo A Howling in the Woods (5-Nov-1971) Vanished (8-Mar-1971) Up in the Cellar (12-Aug-1970) The Group (4-Mar-1966) · Harald Peterson In Harm's Way (6-Apr-1965) · Lt.

AKA Thomas James Kenny Born: 13-Jul-1962Birthplace: Syracuse, NYGender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Comic, Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Mr.

Show, Sponge Bob Square Pants Tom Kenny does voice work for cartoons, video games, and commercials.

He has described himself as "a man of a thousand voices, many of them gay." His most famous vocal creation is Sponge Bob Squarepants, the titular kitchen sponge on Nickelodeon.

Kenny's Spongebob squeaks and giggles have been described as "a potent combination of Jerry Lewis's geekmania and Pee Wee Herman's pathological optimism".

Kenny and Bobcat Goldthwait were best friends from their childhood, attending the same parochial elementary school.

They first worked together when they were hired as a team by Barry Crimmins (now a succesful comic and political commentator himself).

Kenny and Goldthwait performed stand-up together at local clubs as Tomcat & Bobcat, and co-founded a local comedy troupe called Generic Comics. Of course, there was little career to be had if Kenny stayed in Syracuse.

Kenny remembers a conversation with Goldthwait from mid-'70s high school days, when they asked each other whose show-biz careers they wanted to emulate. He bagged groceries at Price Chopper for six years, before leaving for Boston and eventually San Francisco.

His comedy evolved into impressions and sketch work, and he auditioned for Saturday Night Live, where was a finalist when the show had two openings, which were filled by David Spade and Rob Schneider.

Kenny's first steady paycheck as a performer was Fox's sketch comedy The Edge, where he worked with Jennifer Aniston, Julie Brown, Wayne Knight, and Alan Ruck, among others. Show with Bob and David, eventually marrying fellow ensemble comic Jill Talley.

Kenny's hyperkinetic vocal abilities have made him so omnipresent, almost any American with a TV is probably familiar with his work.

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