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Introduction: Taxis in Granada are white with a green stripe and are not expensive.There are two taxi companies operating in the centre of Granada: TELERADIO TAXI (958 280 654) and RADIOTAXI GENIL (958 132 323).

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They use a semi-automated system: you speak to an operator to say where you are, you then listen to music while the operator contacts taxis near you, and finally, you will hear a fast, recorded message either saying that "Taxi number xxx is on its way" (El taxi número xxx está en camino) or that "No taxis are available at the moment. If you don't speak Spanish, it is sometimes difficult to understand what they have said.Hailing a taxi: Unlike some other countries, you can hail a taxi on the street or catch one from one of the many taxi ranks in Granada.For more information about the location of taxi ranks in Granada, see the map below.Prices are controlled by the Andalusian Government so both companies have the same prices in the centre of Granada.When you get into the taxi, the taxi metre will show a 1 or 2 depending on the time zone.Although some taxi drivers have been known to overcharge customers, officially established prices do exist for the trip from the airport to Granada. Tariff 1 is in operation from Monday to Friday and Tariff 2 is in operation on Saturday, Sunday and fiestas.

FROM THE AIRPORT TO: LOST PROPERTY If you leave anything in a taxi, someone may hand it in and it is always worth phoning the taxi companies to see if they have found something.As taxi drivers tend to work the same shifts, it is a good idea to phone the next day at the same time and quote where you were picked up and your destination.Granada is a mid-sized provincial capital in the Andalucia region of Spain.The taximeter will show a starting price which will then increase with distance and time.In the centre of Granada, times, days and holidays are all programmed into the taximeter so you just pay the price shown.NORMAL TARIFF - TARIFA 1 - - (Sunday to Thursday) and - (Friday) The initial price is 1.44€.

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