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Universidad de Chile vs Universidad Católica This match, which represents the oldest derby in Chile, is between the football teams of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica, that represent two of the most important universities and football teams in the country.Originally University clubs, they turned professional in the 1930s and kept their amateur names.

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Unión Española is also the second oldest club of the Primera División Chilena with 113 years (behind Santiago Wanderers with 118 years) and all three clubs have a long history of rivalry. One of the most notable games was on 29 September 2013, after 5 players were sent off (2 from Wanderers and 3 from Everton), Wanderers eventually winning 3-0; it was described as one of the bloodiest matches seen so far.Contested by Santiago Morning and Deportes Magallanes, two teams which were very successful upon their inception and the beginning of Chilean football history, and are one of the oldest clubs in the country. [ Home Overall Away ] You are now viewing the overall H2H results of Palestino and Coquimbo Unido.You may also check the H2H stats based on Palestino home ground.Alternatively, you can see the results based on Coquimbo Unido home ground.Just click on the country name in the left menu and select your competition (league results, national cup livescore, other competition).

Palestino scores service is real-time, updating live.

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