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163.434 Provisions applicable to online sexual corruption of a child. Genitalia and breasts are intimate parts as matter of law under this section, and undeveloped genitalia and 2 Legislative Counsel Committee, Annotations to the Oregon Revised Statutes, Cumulative Supplement - 2015...

(q) Online sexual corruption of a child in any degree if the offender reasonably believed the child to be more than five years younger than the offender (B) For which the person would have to register as a sex offender in that court's jurisdiction, or as required under federal law, regardless of whether the...

Oregon registration law. All registered sex offenders must report, in person, to an Oregon State Police office, a city police department or a county sheriff's office in the county where they live: Once each year within 10 days of their birth date, regardless of whether they recently changed addresses...

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