Oregon law online sex corrupt

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Oregon law online sex corrupt

Oregon Rape and Sexual Assault Laws: The following table outlines rape and sexual assault laws in Oregon.

The court may also designate the offense as a sex crime.Defend yourself today by retaining a Portland criminal defense attorney from the offices of Neal Weingart, Attorney at Law, LLC.As an experienced trial attorney who has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases in the courtroom, I have a strong understanding of how the prosecution works and can defend your case accordingly.I work directly with each of my clients, keeping them informed and educated so that they play an integral part in their case instead of standing on the sidelines.Call my offices today to contact a lawyer with the skill to fight your charges!In Oregon, there are a number of rape, sexual assault, and sexual offense laws.

The punishment for these crimess range in severity based upon things such as the type of sexual misconduct involved, the age of the victim, and whether the offender was in a position of authority.For example, having sex with a person under 12 years of age carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and up to 5,000 in fines whereas having sex with a person under 18 years of age carries a sentence of up to 30 days in prison and up to ,250 in fines.The following is a brief summary of Oregon's rape and sexual assault laws.People can commit sex crimes in any number of different ways and places.One of the fastest growing areas used to commit such crimes is the internet.To combat online solicitation and indecency, the state of Oregon has passed several laws prohibiting individuals from using the internet to solicit, promote, or commit sex crimes, especially those involving children.

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