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"In order to facilitate their carnal impulses, these guards would withhold food and water, engage in physical abuse, restrict privileges and verbally and emotionally abuse the women - even threaten to kill them in order to compel their compliance." J. "Not long after she was transferred, she was approached by a jailer known to her only as 'Jesse,'" the complaint states.

I can't tell you why, I'd lose my job.' "Sometime later, while waiting at the facility nurses' station, defendant Aguilar approached plaintiff and touched her on her shoulder and back.The nurse on duty observed this happening and told defendant Aguilar to stop.In fact, the abuse was so widespread and pervasive that defendant Aguilar felt comfortable enough to ask Ms.Smith if he could touch her vagina, right in front of the jail nurse."Another incident occurred later involving both defendant Smith and defendant Aguilar.CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CN) - Texas jailers ran a "rape camp" where they "repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates," and forced them to masturbate and sodomize male guards, and one another, two women claim in court. Certain male guards would sometimes force the female inmates to shower in front of them while instructing them to shave their vaginas.

Certain male guards would strip the female inmates of their clothing and provide only shaving cream to conceal their genitalia.

"In addition to the repeated sexual assaults, numerous female inmates were sexually harassed.

These forced acts of lasciviousness included, but are not limited to, forcing female inmates to repeatedly perform oral sex on male guards, forcing female inmates to repeatedly masturbate the male guards, the male guards masturbating in view of the female inmates, male guards forcing digital penetrative sex acts in the female inmates', forcing female inmates to engage in sexual sex acts with other female inmates, including but not limited to forcing female inmates to have oral sex with each other, among other things.

"In this facility, numerous jailers, all employed by the Live Oak County Sheriff's Office, repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates over an extended period of time.

sued Live Oak County and its former jailers Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles Jr. Live Oak is a sparsely settled county in south central Texas. "Beginning sometime in 2007 to at least August of 2010 the Live Oak County Sheriff's office ran a 'rape camp' known as the Live Oak County Jail," the complaint states.

All three guards were arrested in August 2010 and charged with sexual assault, the Beeville Bee-Picayune reported at the time. Smith and Aguilar are in Texas state prisons today, according to the complaint, which says defendant Charles is living in Bee County.

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