Online sexual solicitation of teens to teens flirting or harrassment

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Online sexual solicitation of teens to teens flirting or harrassment - interracial dating websites uk

To understand this distinction better, we draw on theories of risk (Aven and Renn, 2009 and Breakwell, 2010) to distinguish risk (defined as the occurrence of an event which is associated with a probability of harm) from harm (defined as actual physical or mental damage as reported by the person concerned).

To progress this, we observe that although the internet-enabled technologies are a relatively recent addition to adolescents’ lives, much is already known regarding their vulnerability to risk in other domains (Donovan and Jessor, 1985, Jessor, 1991, Rutter, 1987 and Schoon, 2006).This article reports new findings on the incidence of risk and the associated experience of harm reported by children and adolescents aged 11–16, regarding receipt of sexual messages on the internet (known popularly as ).Findings showed that the main predictors of the risk of seeing or receiving sexual messages online are age (older), psychological difficulties (higher), sensation seeking (higher) and risky online and offline behavior (higher).By contrast, the main predictors of harm resulting from receiving such messages were age (younger), gender (girls), psychological difficulties (higher) and sensation seeking (lower), with no effect for risky online or offline behavior.The findings suggest that accounts of internet-related risks should distinguish between predictors of risk and harm.Since some exposure to risk is necessary to build resilience, rather than aiming to reduce risk through policy and practical interventions, the findings can be used to more precisely target those who experience harm in order to reduce harm overall from internet use.).

Such messages may be created and exchanged via text or image messaging on mobile phones, though they also include peer-to-peer messaging on diverse internet-enabled devices, particularly using social networking sites and instant messaging services.

Although in some respects now part of the fun, flirtation and identity-experimentation central to teenage culture ( Buckingham and Bragg, 2004, Hope, 2007, Ringrose et al., 2012 and Willett and Burn, 2005), this exchange of sexual messages is attracting considerable public anxiety, amplified by the often exaggerated media coverage of particular cases ( Draper, 2012 and Haddon and Stald, 2009).

This anxiety arises partly because of aggressive or coercive nature of some messages (for links with sexual harassment, see Burgess-Proctor et al., 2009 and Salter et al., 2013; for links with grooming, see ), and partly even if voluntary, some images involved are sufficiently explicit as to be potentially illegal ( Albury et al., 2013, Arcabascio, 2010, Sacco et al., 2010 and Willard, 2010).

Considerable research efforts are underway to progress beyond the moral panic () associated with the exchange of sexual messages so as to identify appropriate policy responses.

This is urgent insofar as children and young people are adopting digital communication technologies rapidly, often far ahead of the adults charged with their safety and well-being.

Thus far, researchers have struggled to agree on matters of definition and measurement, although this is vital if research is to produce robust evidence regarding prevalence, distribution and consequences (). Some studies find that adolescents’ own accounts emphasize the willing exchange of messages between romantic partners, typically involving self-generated images ().

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