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Online dating profile buzzwords - klsex web site

But today, we spotted this little tip sheet on Your Tango and just had to clue you in.

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Do use words like "romantic," "great listener," "outgoing," and "I'm Ryan Gosling" (Okay, we made up that last one).For ladies, make sure to mention you do yoga, because apparently that makes you a sex goddess.And if you use the word "respect" in a sentence, like say, "I respect when a man does what he needs to fulfill his life," you're officially a dream woman.Just don't be mad if the random stranger you meet online takes certain liberties you weren't quite expecting when it comes to what qualifies as "treating you like a doormat" and what is simply "fulfilling his life." Oh, and also, don't mention that you want "chemistry and connection," because that means you're a hussy who wants to have sex on the first date — gasp! “You’re always hiking and taking spinning classes.” “But I’m not super toned,” she replied.Does being vegan refer to making certain food choices or a broader lifestyle that your match wants to share with someone?

Also, don’t assume certain buzzwords aren’t a big deal.

I remember a match who included the phrase “Bonus points if you’re Catholic.” After asking what religion meant for him, I learned that he was very active in his church: He attended mass several times a week, organized his travel schedule around church activities and spent several hours volunteering after Sunday services.

It quickly became clear that his match’s religion wasn’t really a “bonus” item.

“That’s what athletic means.” I thought “athletic” meant “active” – as in her match wanted an activity partner to share bike rides and kayaks-for-two.

But my friend allowed the buzzword “athletic” to inflame her worst insecurities about her appearance.

As a result, she shut down their communication before they’d even had a chance to chat about their favorite brand of coconut water. They might sounds similar but have different meanings.

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