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Beginning with the 2014/2015 biennial compliance period, the Professional Conduct requirement has been unbundled.This means attorneys may earn their 2.50 Professional Conduct requirement through any variety of subjects related to professional conduct, including courses previously approved as Professionalism, Substance Abuse, and Ethics.

Courses purchased during one calendar year, but completed in the next, may not be eligible for OH CLE Credit.This Form is a Declaration of Trust by a Grantor seeking to qualify for Medicaid eligibility. The Trust provides for the Trust income to be paid to or for the Grantor’s benefit for a period of five years. Upon the first to occur of the Grantor’s death or the expiration of five years from the date of creation of the Trust, the Trust terminates, and all of the Trust property is paid to the Grantor’s children in accordance with a limited power of appointment (in the event of the Grantor’s death) or to the Grantor’s children per stirpes in the event of the expiration of the Trust term or the Grantor’s non-exercise of the limited power of appointment. It is intended to present an appropriate method of having an elderly person (Senior) pay in advance for ongoing care services to be rendered by another (Provider) on behalf of Senior. This means that it is the assets of the third party, not those of the beneficiary, that are being used to fund this Trust.Such arrangements, if properly structured based on the Senior’s life expectancy and a proper rate of payment, should permit Senior to pay funds in the nature of an appropriate life annuity and not have the payment of such funds negatively affect the eligibility of Senior for possible Medicaid assistance. This means that the grantor of the Trust may provide that when the Trust terminates, an alternative beneficiary may receive the balance of the remaining trust assets, if any (as opposed to the state Medicaid authorities). Siegel's "Social Security, Medicare And Medicaid: What You Need To Know" and "Planning For The New Medicare Taxes" are currently available on audio CD and DVD at online at This is a Form of a “Miller Trust”, sometimes referred to as a “Qualified Income Trust”. On both of these web sites, click on your state (or any state if you do not care about earning CLE credits) and scroll down to the course title.The Trust takes its name from the case of Miller v. "Social Security, Medicare And Medicaid: Explanation And Planning Strategies" appears under the heading "Other". The Miller trust is significant in those states which impose an income cap on Medicaid long-term care eligibility. This Form is a Supplemental Needs Trust created by a third party.

This Trust is designed to address this problem by bridging the gap between the income cap for eligibility and the actual cost of nursing home care. It is often created as the result of a personal injury settlement or recovery, or after an inheritance by the disabled person.

However, the available income is not enough to pay the cost of long-term care in a skilled nursing facility. 1396p(d)(4) and funded with the assets of a disabled individual under the age of 65 who is also the trust beneficiary. It is typically created by the parents or other relative of the disabled person, or pursuant to a court order.

The Trust may be used when the countable resources of a Medicaid applicant may be sufficiently low for Medicaid qualification, but the applicant’s monthly income is too high for those states that look to an income limit as a basis for Medicaid qualification.

"Planning For The New Medicare Taxes" appears under the heading "Estate Planning". Siegel is president of The Siegel Group, which provides consulting services to attorneys, accountants, business owners, family offices and financial planners.

Based in Morristown, New Jersey, the Group provides services throughout the United States. Siegel is the author of many books, including: The Grantor Trust Answer Book (20 CCH); CPA’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning (AICPA 2012); and Federal Fiduciary Income Taxation (Foxmoor 2012).

In conjunction with numerous tax planning lectures he has delivered for the National Law Foundation, Mr.

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