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Habara decides to take part in this contest and says there should be no rules, which scares the other two as they are quick to say it was just a joke and Habara drops a rock freaking the other two out even more…wow…Habara is so cute but she has a hardcore dangerous side to her. Compared to the last episode I would say this was slightly better thanks to some “action” scenes as in the short fights.While this series is not a hardcore action series like Gintama, it was fun to watch Yoshitake and Hidenori “battle” each other during the whole kick the can event, but when they brought in Mitsuo things got even more hilarious!

So, anyone notice Mitsuo has more screen time than the third main character Tadakuni? The introduction of Hidenori’s father played by Rikiya Koyama aka Emiya Kirtsugu for the Fate/Zero fans out there; man that was really great! We are almost at the end of the amazing daily lives of high school boys! Other sad news for Gintama fans as season two officially ends, but I think theirs is more of break so the writers can take a breath for a bit.However there is always a new comedy series to fill the gap left by shows like Ika Musume, Nichijou and finally Danshi koukousei no Nichijou.Stories this week revolve around conflict, epic games of kick the can, literature girl battles and annoying friends. Hidenori plays catch with his father late one night, but his dad uses a golf club to play baseball with…indeed Hidenori’s father is a special case just like his oddball son.Shortly after, Yuusuke joins them and finds out they are all locked out of the house with no key to use because their mother is away on vacation.This is anime and you should understand that law of anime!

Parents are required to be missing or on business trips for long periods of time or they die off in some horrible accident.Hidenori plays a strange game of kick the can with Yoshitake and by strange I mean a freaking epic game of kick the can without any rules.It seems these two guys fight really dirty to win at any cost, which brings in Mitsuo again this week. Anyway instead of kicking a can, Hidenori and Yoshitake replace the can with a fake Gundam model that belongs to Mitsuo. However, Mitsuo fights to the death to protect his model only to have Hidenori sneak past kicking it into a million pieces.I think he replaced the other main character aka Tadakuni. Thankfully it was his birthday so the guys bought him a “replacement” model kit…only that one was a knockoff that he tosses into the garbage. The next sets of stories are somewhat random with two guys discussing what kinds of girls they think are cute and Yoshitake receiving a love letter!? However, this was just a messed up joke by Motoharu, but you fangirls out there can believe what you want of course.So, who sent the letter if he goes to an all boy’s school? I was surprised their teacher did not jump on the whole love letter thing just to make fun of the guys. And finally the last two stories follow Yoshitake turning the tables on the newest girl to join the cast.This girl aka the Over Self-Conscious woman enjoys walking away from anyone that gets near her…that must be her hobby or something?