Namjaga saranghal ddae online dating

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Namjaga saranghal ddae online dating

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And wanting to become someone better than you are... There are times when you are consumed by jealousy as well. And misunderstandings that arise from being insecure and feeling inferior... Just like how you cannot choose when you will die, love is also like that. Tae-il is a low-level thug who goes around the streets of his neighborhood in Gunsan, collecting debts for a loan shark and harassing shop owners for the protection money owed to the small gang he works for.He is 42 years old, lives with his barber brother Young-il and Young-il's family, and has never been in love.Tae-il does well at his job and doesn't seem to harbor many scruples about it, but then he meets Ho-jung, a bank clerk who is taking care of her debt-ridden, terminally ill father.During their first encounter, Tae-il forces her to sign a contract that requires her to sell her organs if she can't pay back her father's debt on time.

After their not-so-pleasant first meeting, however, Tae-il finds himself thinking about Ho-jung constantly and his conscience begins to get the better of him.

He writes a new contract and offers it to her: He will exempt her from the debt if she goes on date with him.

The more dates she goes on, the less debt she will have to pay off.

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