Middlesex county campus cruiser

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Middlesex county campus cruiser

It is important to regularly check your Campus Cruiser email account as MCC will be communicating important information and reminders throughout the enrollment process and the semester.Campus Cruiser/Web Advisor also gives you access to online services and links to important information about campus activities and student services.

I graduated in May 2016 from Montclair State University, and the academic foundation received at MCC prepared me so well!I visited the transfer services center, and the advisor instructed me as to which classes would be accepted, so I was able to complete my junior and senior years in the traditional two- year time span. MCC changed the way I studied, wrote and processed information.I also was a member of the literary and art magazine Myriad where I met some of my still amazing friends: Jayme (RIP) and Nicole.I went on and obtained my BA in English and in Education; and now hold a MS in Library Science.I work full time as a youth services librarian and often talk at conferences about programs, collection development and why I love what I do. I do not think I could be where I am today without you!Full-time Jobs on Uloop provides quovadisnewspaper students with Full-time Job opportunities upon graduation in both Edison and across the country.

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