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“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” “A watched pot never boils.” “Everything comes to he who waits.” “We must learn to walk before we can run.” “A la mejor cocinera se le queman los frijoles.” “The journey of a thousand miles [or kilometers, as most of the world measures distance] begins with a single step.” All of these are proverbs, adages, or sayings from various cultures (sometimes poorly translated) that all convey the same message. “Patience is a virtue.” Sadly, people haven’t been saying things like this for thousands of years because they felt like it.Sure, we all spout off now and again thinking what we say should go down in the history books. We all do this to a certain degree; we dismiss old sayings as trite and out of touch with modern times and wisdom. That moment when you discover something about life (that has been discovered before) that is just so unique because it is real to you right then and there.

As children, our parents (sadly, predominantly mothers still in the USA) tell us “don’t touch that or you’ll get burned.” A lot of us need to touch it anyway and get burned. While I believe this to be a universal need, I can only highlight it from the perspective of my dating experiences, shared experiences from friends, and general speculation that what occurs in one dating group may apply to others.Previously, I stated I was not going to personalize this blog, but I have come to find that is impossible with this topic. Regardless of previous reasons, I have decided to disclose certain personal background details in an effort to aid this blog: 1.) I am a United Stated citizen, and I hope all readers from other countries can forgive my spelling/grammar/measurement differences; as well as the ethnocentrism of which I am not consciously aware.Please, call me out on it; I enjoy learning and growing as a person.2.) I self-identify as a lesbian, in one of the more conservative and intolerant “swing states” in my country.For those unaware, a swing state has a large population, but more importantly a large electoral college (allegedly controlled by the population’s votes), that can strongly influence an election.It’s a common joke among certain subcultures within the US: “what do lesbians do on the second date?

” The response, “I don’t know.” Haha, “They call U-Haul.” For those unaffiliated or unfamiliar, let me explain. Psychologists have dubbed this as the “lesbian urge to merge.” Catchy, I know. Speaking as a lesbian in US culture, I feel the societal pull to settle down.

I know, I know, it takes all the punch out of the joke if it has to be explained. U-Haul is a company that can be called at, usually, a moment’s notice so that you can move your belongings in a heart beat. I’ve resisted, and I’ve been told by some pigs that it is because “I haven’t met the right man, and all I need is a good deep dicking.” Yes, that was actually said to me.

It should go without saying, but I think I have to say it, that is definitely not the reason.

See Ohio for the most recent US presidential election and Florida for the previous presidential election.

Where I live, I do not have a legal partnership option available to visit a life partner/spouse/significant other or whatever term is comfortable, while in the hospital or have basic inheritance rights, just to name a couple.

Now, I’m not trying to turn the focus of this blog, so I’ll refrain from pursuing this topic. 3) I have a professional degree that has lead to a time-consuming, high-stress career.

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