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In 1572, the Governorate of Brazil was divided into the separate governorates of Bahia in the north and Rio de Janeiro in the south.

In 1621, King Philip III replaced the Governorate of Brazil with the states of Brazil, still based in Salvador and now controlling the south, and the Maranhão, which was centered on São Luís and controlled what is now northern Brazil.

From the top: Farol da Barra Lighthouse, Ponta de Santo Antonio, southern end of town.

Featured, the Barra Lighthouse, Buildings Facades in the Harbor at Salvador, Lacerda Elevator, The monument to the heroes of the battles of Independence of Bahia, panoramic view of the city., it is the largest city proper in the Northeast Region and the 3rd-largest city proper in the country, after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Founded by the Portuguese in 1549 as the first capital of Brazil, Salvador is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas.

A sharp escarpment divides its Lower Town (, Brazil's first elevator, has connected the two since 1873.

The Pelourinho district of the upper town, still home to many examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments, was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

The city's cathedral is the see of the primate of Brazil and its Carnival celebration has been reckoned as the largest party in the world.Salvador was the first slave port in the Americas and the African influence of the slaves' descendants makes it a center of Afro-Brazilian () culture.The city is noted for its cuisine, music, and architecture.Porto da Barra Beach in Barra has been named one of the best beaches in the world.Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova was the site of the city's games during the 2014 Brazilian World Cup.Salvador forms the heart of the During his second voyage for Portugal, the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci sighted the bay on All Saints' Day (November 1) 1502 and, in honor of the date and his parish church in Florence, he named it the Bay of the Holy Savior of All the Saints.

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