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The trio was dubbed Los Misioneros de la Muerte ("The Missionaries of Death") and played the heel role (wrestlers who portray the "bad guys").

The storyline expanded and saw the unmasked Misionaros clash with the masked Mosqueteros on UWA promoted cards all over Mexico.

The fan reception to those matches and the positive coverage in various Lucha Libre magazines was so big that other promoters around Mexico wanted to book them on their shows, not as individuals but as teams, which was the start of the trios match becoming more and more prominent in Lucha Libre.

With the team being so in demand UWA started to feature Los Misioneros more often that by 1981 Los Misioneros began working high on the card, often working the main event match starting a trend of having trios matches instead of singles matches as the regular main event match format, something that helped make that match format the most common match type in Lucha Libre since then.

The UWA had a tradition of inviting Japanese wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) to come to Mexico for shorter or longer tours, traditionally they used the Japanese Heavyweights, but with the emergence of Los Misioneros they began using younger, lower card wrestlers for matches against Los Misioneros.

One such rivalry saw the team of Gran Hamada, Kobayashi and Enrique Vera defeat Los Misioneros in a Luchas de Apuestas match, forcing the three of them to have their hair shaved off as a result.

Los Misioneros de la Muerte (Spanish for "The Missionaries of Death" was a Mexican Lucha libre, or professional wrestling Trio that has been credited with making the two out of three falls six-man tag team match the most common match form in Mexico instead of the traditional one-on-one match that is the most common match everywhere else.

The original Los Misioneros trio consisted of Negro Navarro, El Signo and El Texano and worked together as a unit from 1977 until 1987.

Later versions of Los Misioneros featured Navarro and Signo teaming with wrestlers such as Black Power, Rocky Santana or El Texano, Jr.

but their success never approached the success of the original team.

The original Los Misioneros would occasionally reunite in the years following their 1987 break-up, but with the 2006 death of El Texano the Los Misioneros de la Muerte was not used by Navarro and El Signo.

El Signo retired in 2010, making Negro Navarro the only active competitor left of the trio.

In the late 1970s Mexican professional wrestling promotion Universal Wrestling Association (UWA) were inspired by the success of lightweight wrestlers in other promotions and wanted to create a number of Mexican lightweight stars to capitalize on the success of the division.