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In language history the 18th century is traditionally depicted as the period in which the New High German written language was standardised and codified.

Even if in the last 20 years traditions pertaining to standard language and particular types of text, the role of the various literary landscapes as well as socio-pragmatic factors have been focused upon, the traditional assumption of a development, profilation or functionalisation of linguistic means based on the idea of progress still continues unabated.

Thus, one speaks generally of an increasing systematisation, of descriptional adequacy, of greater accuracy or of an increase in efficiency.

Such statements have been made by Soviet philologists of German, authors of the 'Akademie der Wissenschaften' of the former GDR as well as in recent studies, e.g.

in the grammar of Early New High German published by Moser, Stopp and Besch or in the second volume of von Polenz's history of the German Language.

I would like to take adjective declension in the first half of the 18th century as an example in order to demonstrate that the transition from the Early New High German to the New High German periods involved processes of substitution and reduction which are in no way motivated on the description-functional level.

I start from the hypothesis that it is not possible to assume an "older more diffuse state", as von Polenz (199) puts it, for the Early New High German period but rather a tolerance of variations which is characterised by a co-existence of various possibilities for inflection, indication and determination.

My hypothesis is that, since the 17th century, functional means have been restricted rather than extended.

In line with Reichmann 19, I wish to describe these restrictive or substituting processes as "verticalisation of the variation spectrum".

The term verticalisation should be interpreted as follows:"Vertikal organisiertes Sprechen und Schreiben ist [...] im Grenzwert unizentrisch, d.h.

gerichtet auf eine einzige, von allen anerkannte und in allen Bildungsinstanzen gelehrte, über einen sprachnationalen Textkanon allen Sprachangehörigen vermittelte Norm [...].

Vertikal organisiertes sprachliches Handeln [läßt] kaum Platz für graphische, flexions- und wortbildungsmorphologische, lexikalische und syntaktische Varianz.

Es erhöht demgegenüber das Gewicht von Regeln, von Analogien, von wortbildungsmorphologischer Durchsichtigkeit.

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