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皆既月食 2011 12.10 [Total Lunar Eclipse in Japan on 10 Dec.2011] from Masa'S Weblog 12/12 梅仕事のかわりに from Dai-Kubo Diary 06/12 [社会][財政]「生存権」と「政策的な利益衡量」 from 研究メモ 08/02 モーリス・ユトリロ展 -パリを愛した孤独な画家- 損保ジャパン東郷青児美術館 from Take it ez !

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The first to do was the interior, it was very dirty from dust and polishing paste, so I took everything left out, and started to clean it.When interior was done, I started to make something with the engine bay, electrical installation need only to be cleaned, accessory mounting plates were already painted so I must only screw on them.After a few days of work, I was ready for mounting the engine.The engine was installed, started and worked great, the chassis has been conserved over again, all body parts were waiting for their turn, and so in the number of weeks it began to remind my S13.I was very happy, the first stage of my adventure with Nissan ended, the body is renewed, it has new paint ( Renault Sirius), all mechanical parts are working fine.I love to ride it, although it is only an old Nissan with some modifications.

sources for drivers for the i2c bus The i2c bus is used by many modern motherboards to provide hardware health monitoring data, like temperature and fan speed.

The i2c drivers are used by the lm-sensors package to access this data.

Note that i2c drivers are available in recent versions of the linux kernel, but the drivers in this package may be more up to date.

This package contains the source for the i2c kernel modules.

The kernel sources must be installed to compile these modules. English to Spanish (and viceversa) translation dictionary.

It can be used both in X and text mode and has a learning function that can be used to add more information to the provided dictionary.