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i Heard they started to date together but then boom lee ji ah's scandal.. I do not Own the music..it's just rihanna and eminem's song so copyright @the owner of the song..

He wanted to make an announcement at his fan meeting later this month, but the news broke unexpectedly when they were snapped together in Paris last week.

He doesn’t feel right talking about relationships when the world should be more concerned with the disaster in Japan, so he didn’t elaborate any further.

Jung Woo Sung is a very private and reserved guy, so this is confirmation enough for me, and I neither expect nor need any explanation for why or how long. I have to say that Jung Woo Sung had way more chemistry with Lee Ji Ah in explosive chemistry.

If I had any say in it (which I don’t), I would have never picked Lee Ji Ah, because I can’t stand her acting.

But it’s their real life, and as a fan all I can do is hope he’s happy if it works out, and that he’ll be just fine if it doesn’t.

We went all the way to Paris, so there was no way we could only visit the places no one could see us.

We were both okay with people saying that we were dating.Jung Woo Sung has admitted on his blog that he is dating actress Lee Ji Ah whom they got close through the recent drama “Athena: Goddess of War.” He also confirmed this at his fan meeting last Sunday.Rumors surfaced about their possible relationship after pictures of them by local Kyunghyang Shinmun showed them holding hands and being intimate in Paris.An eye witness has stated: “Lee Ji-ah was with Jung Woo-sung with her hand inside of Jung’s coat pocket.They walked the street while looking around to check if anyone was looking at them, but they sure looked like they were dating,” Jung Woo Sung’s agency has stated that the Paris trip was not on official business.I watched Athena Goddess of War and i fell in love with this couple And this song is currently my bias song hehe..

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