How i met your mother 6x15 online dating

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How i met your mother 6x15 online dating

Ted spies one that is a 9.6/10 match, but she has already been matched.Undaunted, Ted finds out she is a dermatologist and makes an appointment to see her, only to find that she is engaged and will be getting married in a few days.

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He blurts out that they are a 9.6, and she tells him to not believe in matchmaking statistics.Ted returns to Love Solutions, and finds that Ellen has become distraught over believing to have failed in finding Ted's perfect match.However, Ted still has hope he will find "the one", and she can help him keep searching, no matter how long it takes.Meanwhile, Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) discover an unusual creature in the apartment.When they first see it, Lily thinks it is a cockroach, while Marshall thinks it is a mouse.Either way, it scares them so bad they run to the bar and Lily drinks heavily to forget.

When they spot it again they try to kill it with bug spray and a phone book, but when the phone book starts moving, they run off again.Having gotten a better look, they now describe the creature as having six legs, antennae, and an exoskeleton, but also has tufts of fur, whiskers, and a tail, and roughly the size of a potato.Marshall and Lily call it the "cockamouse." Robin is skeptical of them, but eventually they catch it, and Marshall takes it to the Columbia University Biology department, but discovers it has escaped and is still at the apartment."Matchmaker" is the seventh episode in the first season of the television series How I Met Your Mother. The episode was written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil and directed by Pamela Fryman.Robin (Cobie Smulders) does a story on "Love Solutions", a matchmaking service boasting a 100% success rate, and she and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) recommend Ted (Josh Radnor) try it out.He is not interested, believing it to be "giving up," but Barney tricks Ted into going anyway.

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