Guys on dating sites are ugly

14-May-2016 04:41 by 6 Comments

Guys on dating sites are ugly

Unfortunately, in 2014 even these girls have access to internet dating and are thus bombarded with requests from guys all day.As the years of rejection accumulate, the male will eventually grow tired and stop putting effort into finding a partner.

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Unfortunately, alcohol and overeating result in weight gain making the man even more unattractive and unwanted by women.In some ways, this drawn out rejection is even worse for the rejected loser male.The problem for male loners is that their lack of friends or a social circle is a deterrent for women.Women in America are simply not interested in guys who live a lonely life.Furthermore, other than approaching strangers on the street (which is socially frowned upon), the guy is limited to online dating which often will result in the experiences above.For single loners, the only women who will show genuine interest in them are women who are extremely overweight, much older, or from a foreign country (living abroad or a new immigrant).

Interestingly, single male loners prefer women who seem to be available.A girl with an active social life who is always going on “girls nights out” is seen as impossible to get close to.Many rejected loner men will post on forms looking for where to meet the lonesome girl who reads all day.There is virtually no comparison between an average single man with no friends compared to his female counterpart when it comes to dating.While for a man having no friends or social circle guarantees women will reject him, for women this is often seen as a positive trait because legions of lonely men appreciate her availability and perceived weakness.Women who sign up for online dating have an unlimited supply of men offering them dates, sex, and long term companionship.