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“In societies dominated by modern conditions of production, life is presented as an immense accumulation of spectacles,” Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle (1967) begins.“Everything that was directly lived has receded into a representation.” The political consequence of this separation from felt experience is key to understanding both how we experience the world and how we can change it.

What we feel, what we believe, how we express desire, what we believe is possible — all are filtered through, and constrained by, the media we consume and produce.

This is the society of the spectacle that Debord, a leading figure in the French Situationist movement, described and decried.

Marx famously argued that under capitalism, the commodity becomes “fetishized” and reduced to its exchange value.

Debord applied Marx’s ideas to mass communication, showing how capitalism has penetrated not just what we produce and consume, but how we communicate.

The spectacle — as manifested in mass entertainment, news, and advertising — alienates us from ourselves and our desires in order to facilitate the accumulation of capital.

Ask somebody why I’m famous, they’ll say I’m annoying or have a big mouth, but there’s no tangible thing.” -Spencer Pratt, interview in Spin Magazine Online I am well out of MTV’s target demographic.

I am not a consumer of the bands featured on the show (or its accompanying soundtrack), nor do I plan to party at Les Deux any time soon.I don’t want a career in fashion or public relations or whatever it is that Audrina Patridge does.And truly, I care very little about as a self-contained world.Increasingly, the spectacle serves as capitalism’s primary mechanism of social control.This is control by seduction and distraction, not force — but no less powerful and insidious for that fact.Debord argued that our lives have been degraded, first from being into having, then from having into merely appearing.

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