Grandparents online dating

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Grandparents online dating - vifio bokrp jands nakal

Ask your children and grandchildren to play some of their favorite music for you and explain why they like it.You may be surprised to find that you like it as well.

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You may also find that your children and grandchildren are big fans of your music.In a 2009 survey, when asked whether the world has been improved by technological advances such as cell phones, the Internet, social networking sites and email, the pattern was clear: Those aged 18 to 49 were more likely to respond in the affirmative than those aged 50+.Still, technology can be a real boon to grandparents, especially grandparents of tweens and teens and long-distance grandparents.A savvy grandparent can use technology to stay connected.Here's how: It's probably best not to try to learn everything that the younger generation knows, technologically speaking.The best strategy is to zero in on a few things that you would like to learn to do, such as managing photos online or downloading music, and enlist your children or grandchildren to teach you how to do them.

The time together can be enjoyable, and you'll get props for being more open to technology than some of your peers.Another area in which young and old are reported to differ is their taste in music.Although young people love having their own kind of music, they also often enjoy sharing their musical tastes with others.You love your grandchildren but hate the music they listen to.Your grandchildren love you but snicker about some of your old-fashioned ways.There is still a generation gap, but it's a less divisive gap than it used to be.