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Totes les activitats culturals d’Olot estan pensades per a persones de qualsevol edat. El carnet Cooltura jove vol trencar aquesta timidesa i fer encara més evident que entre els joves i la cultura no hi ha cap barrera.

Coneix, explora i participea activament de la cultura d’Olot!Carnet Jove is the leading and best-known European youth programme offering benefits and discounts in Andorra and throughout Europe.Thanks to agreements with partner organisations and companies, young people with a Carnet Jove can enjoy fantastic benefits and discounts.Carnet Jove brings young people together and puts them in contact with different areas such as culture, sport, education and training, mobility and leisure in Andorra and across Europe by offering discounts and benefits on products and services.Carnet Jove provides young people and partner organisations and companies with different means of communication, such as the FACTS Carnet Jove first appeared in Andorra in 1990 and the Carnet Jove Andorra Association was set up in 2006 with the support of the seven parishes that make up the Principality of Andorra.Promotion Partner organisations and companies are promoted in Andorra and throughout Europe thanks to the programme’s different means of communication.

Since this is a reciprocal scheme, all young people with a Carnet Jove can enjoy the benefits offered by all the partner organisations and companies in Andorra and throughout Europe.TERMS AND CONDITIONS Partner organisations and companies must offer young people benefits and discounts on their products and services at exclusive, competitive prices.If your organisation or company is interested in becoming a Carnet Jove partner, please email us your idea or proposal at OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS Partner CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ Discounters AHOTELS, ALPESPORT, ANDORRATOURS, ANDORSOFT S.Since 2008 the Carnet Jove programme in Andorra has offered benefits and discounts to young people in Andorra aged between 12 and 30 through two Carnet Jove cards: the Carnet Jove Clàssic and the Carnet Jove 16PUNT30.Over 8300 young people have signed up to the Carnet Jove programme in Andorra, making it the country’s biggest youth organisation.A total of 4 million young people enjoy the benefits of the Youth Card across Europe.

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