Dating a woman who has been sexually abused

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Dating a woman who has been sexually abused - las aventuras de tadeo jones dvdrip castellano online dating

I just found out that my partner was sexually abused as a child - what should I do now?If you haven't already, thank your partner for telling you about the abuse.

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There are some good books that can answer some of your questions and get you more informed on this subject, and you can also browse through this site to learn more (check out our Library section).You might feel angry, and while that is normal it's probably not very helpful to your partner.The recovery process is going to be difficult, and most people find it essential to have some professional guidance from a therapist or counselor.Consider this counseling both for your partner and for yourself.Your primary care doctor can give you some recommendations, and you can also search a directory of therapists to find someone in your area.Our web site also has resources to help you along the way, and we encourage you to browse through the sections.

Why 'survivors' instead of 'victims'? Some people prefer the term 'victims' but we use the term 'survivor' here.Those who have been sexually abused as children are indeed victims, and they can also be survivors.They can move forward, facing issues and working through them, and moving towards their authentic selves - this is surviving, thriving and living a fuller life.We use 'survivors' here because it presents a more positive future for those who have been abused as well as for their partners. For our purpose at this site, 'partners' are those who are in an ongoing partnership type of relationship with a survivor.This would include spouses as well as men and women in committed relationships.We do not mean it to include parents, siblings, or friends.

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