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Through some ups and downs in his relationship, Sun-Poong marries actress Eun-Ji (Yu Ha-Na) and lives with his wife's parents.Sun-Poong's father and father-in-law have known each other for a long time and are friends.

The last son is Mi-Poong ( Ji Chang-Wook) who is studying for college.

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"My too Perfect Sons" is a story of a family with 4 sons and the families that are connected to the sons.

The eldest son is Jin-Poong (Son Hyun-Joo ) who is a pharmacist at "Sol Pharmacy". His mother wants him to marry a teacher, but he dates Soo-Jin ([[Park Seon-Young]) who is a lawyer.

Soo-Jin needs to marry soon, but can't marry right away.

After her sister-in-law passed away, Soo-Jin takes care of her two nephews and her brother.Jin-Poong and Soo-Jin breaks up, but they get back together.Jin-Poong's mother is against their marriage because of her situation, but Jin-Poong kneels down in front of his mom's room for 3 days.Finally, Jin-Poong's mom relents and lets them get married.The second son is Dae-Poong (Lee Pil-Mo) who is a doctor. She hates her father, because after her father's real wife died, he never visited her mother.He runs a small clinic on the second floor of the Sol Pharmacy. Dae-Poong often jokes around with her and Bok-Sil sometimes helps Dae-Poong with the family chores. After Jennifer's mom's death, she gave up everything and lived as nurse Bok-Sil.