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The 24 songs from that qualified from the online selection will compete for twelve places in the final.

The final of Festival da Canção 2010 was held on 6 March.Portugal will select its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 through the Festival da Canção competition, organised by Portuguese national broadcaster Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP).A number of changes will be made to the format of the contest from the past number of years, with two semi-finals and a final being held over one week in March 2010 to select the winner to represent Portugal in Oslo, Norway in May 2010.Until mid January, authors, singers and groups can submit entries for the competition through the RTP website.An expert jury will select between 30 and 35 entries to progress to an online vote, as was introduced in 2009 Contest.Voters from across the world can vote for their favourite songs over the internet, with the top 24 songs progressing to the semi-final stage.

RTP will now allow foreign composers to compete in Festival da Canção, after regulating the contest to Portuguese composers only in 2009.However the competing performers must be Portuguese, and the song must also be performed in the Portuguese language.Two semi-finals will be held, each containing 12 songs.Televoting will solely select the top six songs from each semi-final which will progress to the final.In the final the winner will be selected through 50/50 jury and televoting.420 songs were submitted to RTP, a slight increase from last year's total.

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