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Relatively to the amount of the original documentary materials for American history which have been put into print, and to the amount of efi Fort which is being made to write history from them, the means of connection between the documents and the student are sadly imperfect.

A considerable part of the labor involved in the collection of materials for the volume was performed by Miss Mary F. The completion of this labor, and, in general, the compilation of the volume is due to Dr. The lists open appropriately with the expedi- tion of Ponce de Leon in 1512; no documents bearing dates anterior to that period have been considered. Ferdinand and Juana to the Officials of the Casa de Con- tratacion. The first list consists of published material, the original manuscripts of which exist in Spanish archives or which, with good reason, are conjectured to exist in Spain. The method of listing has been as simple as possible, the following data being given for each document: date and place of writing, when known; short title, either in the original language (usually Spanish), or in English; archive or library, with pressmark (when known), where conserved ; archives and libraries In the United States owning transcripts (when known), with pressmark ; publication or publications in which printed, and whether in original or in translation, or in extract or abstract. No cal- endaring has been attempted, as this is designed to be a mere finding list. In general, decrees, laws, etc., found in collections like the Recopilacion de Leyes de Indias, have not been included. Most of such matter will prob- ably be found in manuscript in the Archivo de Simancas, the Archivo His- torico-Nacional, or the Archivo de Indias, but no source is as a rule indicated and its inclusion would swell the present volume beyond all proportion.

Moreover, collections of this nature are well known and easily accessible. Many documents published from Mexican archives exist as well in Spain, and the converse is true of documents published from Spanish archives — this being due to the duplicating system prevalent in Spanish official life. Hence, it is probable that some documents published, for instance, in col- lections like the various series of Icazbalceta, Documentos para la Historia de Mejico, exist in both Spain and Mexico. This Springer service is currently down for maintenance. We are working hard to make it the best resource for scientific publications on the web. «-' -5, J3iu^ ^ H List of Documents in Spanish Archives relating to the History of the United States, which have been Printed or of which Transcripts are Preserved in American Libraries BY JAMES ALEXANDER ROBERTSON WASHINGTON, D. Published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington I910 CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON Publication No. The series of Guides to the Materials for American History in Foreign Archives which has been undertaken by the Department of Historical Research in the Carnegie Institution of Washington should, so far as is possible, be accom- panied by such lists of documents accessible in print or in transcript.

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